Connie’s Curated Guide for 2023

December 31, 2022

It’s time for my ‘curated’ (i.e plagiarized) list of all the best points of the dozens of lists I have read recently.

Enjoy my Power List of Inspiration for 2023.


  1. Invest more, consume less.

  2. A little guilt can go a long way.

  3. Commit to a healthier sleep routine.

  4. Take rejection personally; you are human.

  5. Never stop thinking about ways to grow as a person.

  6. If you’re obsessed with fairness, find a new obsession

  7. Treat yourself to a burger.

  8. Do something you’re bad at.

  9. Volunteer one hour a week.

  10. Splash your face with cold water every morning.

  11. Take a business risk that you are 80% confident in.

  12. Wear clean socks.

  13. Learn to love vegetables.

  14. Stroll like the Italians, slowly with your hands behind your back.

  15. If someone wants you to invest, ask how much they are putting in.

  16. When someone says “it’s your call”, they don’t mean it.

  17. Stop filling out customer service surveys; it’s AI run amok.

  18. Duck the tough stuff today, but face it tomorrow.

  19. Scrappy behavior wins in the next 12 months. 😂

  20. Prioritize annual health screenings.

  21. Make time for cuddling.

  22. A belly laugh will save any bad day; call that friend who makes you cackle.

  23. Excellence is worth the effort.

  24. Take up swimming and sit by the pool for 10 minutes afterward.

  25. If you indulge in cookie dough or peanut butter, wipe it off the corners of your mouth.

  26. By noon you will make at least one mistake. Get over it.

  27. Eye your credit card statement and cancel three reoccurring charges.

  28. Play upbeat music and DANCE!

  29. Decisiveness pays dividends; reaction costs you.

  30. You may know what you want, what you can have is another matter.

  31. Reach out to a VIP who you respect and say, “I need your advice.”

  32. Read more, watch less.

  33. Listen to novels while you work out.

  34. If you try to live each day to its fullest, you may not need a bucket list.

  35. Buy a one-way airline ticket.

  36. Remember two heads are better than one and three are better than two.

  37. Floss every day.

  38. When angry, avoid other people.

  39. Keep clutter out of the kitchen.

  40. If you don’t want your kids living in your basement at 30, teach them ambition.

  41. Have a 2023 budget for your most conservative forecast.

  42. If you love your job, life-work balance is overrated.

  43. Break the judging-others habit.

  44. Help the homeless.

  45. Drink more water.

  46. Never fear asking for help, but don’t overdo it.

  47. Make reflection a daily habit, but don’t fill it with regrets.

  48. Sell your biggest stock losers by the end of the year.

  49. Call the CEO. He isn’t as busy as you think.

  50. Don’t define a good relationship by what you have in common.

  51. Read a trashy novel.

  52. Vote for candidates who support laws for citizens, not special interests.

  53. Worry less about your kids; it does not help them.

  54. If envy motivates you, so be it.

  55. Make your bed every morning.

  56. A one year treasury note is paying 4.65%. Buy it.

  57. Go to Burning Man, Disneyland or Coachella. Play golf at Pebble Beach.

  58. Breathe in for three seconds. Hold for three. Breath out for three. Repeat three times.

  59. Walk more, talk less.

  60. Stop fretting about Biden, Pelosi, Trump and Musk.

  61. Be less naïve. Which company wins if TikTok is banned? Hint: It spent $20 million on lobbyists last year.

  62. Being perfect is not worth the trouble.

  63. Surprise a busy friend; pick them up at the airport.

  64. Dress for style, then for comfort.

  65. Speak your mind when people least expect it.

  66. Either write that book or stop talking about it.

  67. Head outside without your phone.

  68. If you’ve never fallen madly in love, meet more people to increase the odds.

  69. Try changing your position on an issue.

  70. Aggressive can be better than passive-aggressive.

  71. Stop watching broadcast news. You won’t miss it.

  72. Try a little self-deprecation, but don’t be pathetic.

  73. Don’t cheat on your taxes.

  74. Say goodbye to toxic friends.

  75. Visit a neighbor who lives alone.

  76. Read a print newspaper occasionally.

  77. Try smiling more; you will look younger.

  78. Renegotiate any debts that you can.

  79. Clean your throw blankets.

  80. Check in on your siblings.

  81. Hug your young kid and whisper softly but firmly, “Knock it off.”

  82. Make no New Year’s resolutions this coming year.

  83. Cook something new each week.

  84. Create a cleaning schedule you’ll stick to.

  85. Call me if you want to chat! 847-208-1397 😘

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